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Edge Biologicals manufactures freshly prepared standard and specialty culture media so that your lab can generate accurate data. We prepare and ship orders accurately and on-time to the following sectors:

Petrochemical - Clinical -Biofuels - Pharmaceutical - Environmental - Waste Water - Food/beverage - Veterinary


Experience the convenience of plated culture media for seamless lab processes. Quality products for precise experimentation.

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Enhance your laboratory processes with our premium tubed culture media, ensuring accurate and reproducible outcomes every time.

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Maximize the efficiency of your lab work with our premium bottled culture media. Engineered for superior performance and reproducible results.

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  • Neogen - 3M

    Explore 3M products from Petri - Film to Clean Trace Kits.

  • Microbiologics

    UVBio Tag, EZ-Accu Shot, and more!


    Serological Pipettes, Container Closures, Tubes, and Bottles


Order any Serological Pipette and receive an Automatic-Sarpette FREE

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