Exceptional Service. Flexible Products.

Edge Biologicals started manufacturing media over 30 years ago in the middle of a hotbed of medical research that was spurred by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital here in Memphis, TN. The advanced research medical community in Memphis required exceptional service and specialty growth media products. The advanced research medical community and hospitals allowed Edge Biologicals to become a unique flexible manufacturer of growth media as well as provide laboratory supplies, chemicals, and consumables. We specialize in manufacturing freshly prepared culture media that can be specifically formulated to fit the microbiological testing needs of our customers in the petrochemical, clinical, biofuels, pharmaceutical, environmental, water, food/beverage, cosmetic, and veterinary sectors.

We are not a reseller of growth media where warehouse time absorbs some of the shelf life and freshness. We manufacture fresh media at a competitive price, which is very important when your diagnostic and research data is critical. We have decades of experience in blending custom media recipes quickly. We can provide single lot # shipments of standard and custom media. Our quick service is further augmented by our location close to the FedEx Headquarters/hub here in Memphis that supports our ability to offer optimal shipment of standard and specialty media.